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Service & Support


Sale of instrumentation brings about the need for support and maintenance.  Separations has two dedicated departments – Service and Applications – to attend to these requirements, to provide the best possible experience to each and every valued customer.

The Separations Service Department offers servicing and maintenance on the following products:
  • Hamilton Robotics instruments
  • AB Sciex instruments
  • Molecular Devices instruments
  • Sotax dissolution systems and Pharmatron physical testing equipment
  • Nüve equipment
  • Evoqua water systems
  • Radleys equipment
  • Macherey-Nagel photometers
  • All makes of pipettes

The Separations Applications Department offers specialised support for the following instrumentation:
  • Hamilton Robotics
  • Molecular Devices
  • AB Sciex

Applications Specialists guide and assist customers with their instruments from installation and setup, through to software programming and troubleshooting.

Application support can be incorporated into customisable service plans.



Technical Support

Separations offers expert technical support regarding all products and methods, in the form of consultations, recommendations and troubleshooting by skilled consultants.  Turnaround time in resolving issues or responding to queries is kept to an absolute minimum, something the company prides itself in.

The Separations specialised technical support goes one step further by providing division-specific services:

  • Process analysis and optimisation

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  • Method optimisation

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  • Method development

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  • Assay design and automation

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  • In-house water analysis optimisation and complete solutions

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