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XTR-1 PRO single tube reader

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Decode any 2D-coded tube
FluidX single tube readers are compatible with tubes provided by all major manufactures in 24, 48, 96, 240 and 384 rack formats.
Also suitable for use with larger capacity tubes including glass compound storage tubes, cryo tubes and biological sample tubes.
Auto learning setup for quick and easy changing between tube types.


All single tube readers take less than 1 second to scan and decode.
Flexible data capture
All FluidX single tube readers are easy to use with a wide variety of data capture options.
Tube data can be sent to any application and linked to a spreadsheet or database (including ExcelTM).
The FluidX unique “smart-wedge” ensures the data goes exactly where you want.
Tube data and SQL database query results are displayed on the reader to provide immediate confirmation of the sample name,
volume or additional details obtained directly from database, with full support for SQL queries.
Data can also be sent to any application and linked to a spreadsheet or database. 1GB internal storage option is available for back-up and/or
installation CD.


Technical Data:




Code formats Datamatrix, ISO 16022, square and rectangular format, ECC200, 0 to 20 grid sizes, white on black,
black on white, numeric and alphanumeric

Read time Less than 1 second per tube

Tube compatibility
All tubes in 24, 48, 96, 240 and 384-formats.
Glass compund storage tubes, cryo tubes, biological
sample tubes

Width125mm x depth 100mm x height 95mm_xtr_pro

Power requirements External 12V power source
User interface FluidX GUI, realtime video image, including WindowsTM



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