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X500R QTOF System

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Made just for you, the X500R QTOF system is the first robust, high performance high resolution MS system designed for routine use.

The simple, balanced hardware design combined with the new SCIEX OS software user interface makes the system easy to learn, and the robust performance enables you to get the right results quickly, reliably, and with maximum uptime for all your routine testing applications.

  • Simplicity in hardware and software design for ease of operation, regardless of technician’s skill set
  • Robustness delivered for analysis of complex samples with the Turbo V™ ionization source
  • Balanced across key criteria to deliver performance without compromise
  • Superior instrument uptime with fast and efficient maintenance
  • Stability through long runs with automated calibration
  • Sleek, compact design requires little lab space


From the routine to the complex: You designed it, we engineered it.

The X500R QTOF from SCIEX is the first high-resolution mass spec system designed exclusively for routine testing labs tasked with detection of low levels of compounds in complex samples or required to profile the composition of samples full of unknowns.

Designed in perfect balance

The engineering of the X500R makes it perfect for routine testing labs. The new design delivers performance without compromise, so your lab gets reliable and robust data, all in a simple benchtop design that is easy to optimize, easy to run, and easy to maintain.

The proprietary N-optic design of the X500R QTOF system provides balanced performance across key parameters including sensitivity, mass accuracy, linear dynamic range, MS/MS acquisition, and resolution, without compromise. The TOF path is also temperature stabilized with 6 heater drones to deliver added mass stability and robustness for long sample runs in routine testing lab environments.

The right answers, fast

The features built into the X500R QTOF enable you to obtain the right answers rapidly and reliably. The thoughtfully-designed new SCIEX OS user interface first makes the system quick and easy to learn, accelerating data processing and review for technicians of all skill sets. Combined with triple quad-like quantitative performance at relevant levels, with simultaneous library searching, the X500R QTOF system powered by SCIEX OS delivers greater confidence in identifying food contaminants, forensic compounds, and environmental pollutants.

Everything you need all in one place

With the new SCIEX OS, you can acquire, analyze, report-run the mass spec and perform full data review and analytics all within the same software.

SCIEX OS is an intuitive new software to drive the X500R system. With data acquisition, data processing and reporting, and system management all in one place, you can improve your productivity and better capitalize on the power of high resolution mass spec for your routine screening and quantitation workflows.

Designed with multiple applications in mind

The X500R QTOF system powered by SCIEX OS easily and effortlessly meets the challenges for these key applications:

  • Food testing from contaminants to authenticity100 priority food residues detected at 10 ppb enables you to detect and identify compounds at relevant levels.
  • Sensitively detect concerning environmental pollutantsSensitivity combined with mass resolution ensure the highest level of confidence for compound detection and identification across all mass ranges and in complex matrices. Detection of select pesticide residues at 20 ug/kg in an agricultural sample.
  • Identify forensic compounds, from the ordinary to the unusualTOF MS and Information Dependent TOF MS/MS acquisition delivers reliable unknown identification of drugs in forensic samples.
Future-proof your process

The expression “here today, gone tomorrow” doesn’t apply to the new X500R QTOF System. With method conditions, compound lists, and MS/MS libraries you can perform a myriad of applications all on this one system. Thanks to the new SCIEX OS acquisition and processing workflows, including IDA, MRMHR, and SWATH® Acquisition, you enjoy highly specific targeted quantitation and non-targeted screening capabilities as well as capabilities for retrospective data mining. Add to that the option to upgrade to SCIEX’s IonDrive™ Technology for a sensitivity boost, and you have a solution that’s future-ready.

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