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Features & Benefits
  • Accurate and precise, contact-free pipetting is accessible across a wide volume range, from 0.5 µL – 1000 µL *.
  • Vertically designed hardware keeps integrations inside a consolidated footprint.
  • Cost-effective, modular expansion options satisfy growing laboratory needs and are field-upgradable.
  • Below-deck labware storage maximizes available deck space for sample processing and extends unattended runtime.

* The pipetting accuracy and precision was measured in a controlled enviroment with defined liquids. Tests with other liquids may deliver different results


Standard 1000 µL Channel Pipetting Technology

Standard 1000 µL Independent Channels are based on air displacement pipetting technology. The pipette volumes range from up to 1000 µL. The channels support pipetting with disposable tips and/or steel needles and disposable tips are available in four sizes: 10, 50, 300 and 1000 µL CO-RE tips. In conjunction with the needle wash station, reusable steel needles are available in 10 µL, 300 µL and 1000 µL. Movements in the Y (spreading) and Z (up and down) directions are independent. This provides the greatest flexibility to adapt to asymmetric labware positions and pipetting sequences. Up to 16 channels can be combined with any of Hamilton’s multi-probe CORE heads (96, 384 or NanoPulse channels) on the same instrument.

NanoPulse™ 1000 µL Channel Pipetting Technology

NanoPulse™ Independent Channels on the VANTAGE platform enhance the functionality already provided by the standard 1000 µL channels through a new design. A valve releases pressure generated by the channel’s plunger, resulting in an accelerated dispense for volumes below 10 µL.  NanoPulse channels offer assay flexibility without the need to change pipetting tools by offering 0.1 µL to 1000 µL pipetting in one air displacement channel. Each pipetting arm on the VANTAGE platform can accommodate up to 16 NanoPulse channels and can be combined with any of Hamilton’s multi-probe CO-RE heads or standard 1000 µL channels.

Contamination Avoidance Response (CARE)

The VANTAGE platform uses tracking data to determine if there is a risk of contamination. INSTINCT V software allows users to specify substances that are to be handled with CARE as well as select modes for handling, including “keep tips,” “change tips on request” and “change tips automatically.” The same function prevents contamination between source and target destinations.

Internal Plate Gripper

The Internal Plate Gripper is a VANTAGE gripper tool that can access items on or off the Pipettor workspace. This robotic gripper is highly flexible, with vertical and rotary movement capabilities. Much like many Hamilton pipetting and gripping tools, INSTINCT® V software automatically identifies the position of the labware, eliminating teaching by positional vectors unless integrated with a custom third-party device.

CO-RE Technology

Compressed O-Ring Expansion. The CO-RE system attaches disposable tips or washable steel tips to the pipetting channels with a stable lock-and-key fit and a precision of ±0.1 mm in all axes. The Hamilton VANTAGE is ideal for tasks where the highest precision is required (MALDI target spotting, 1536 well pipetting, Low volume dispensing). It requires no vertical force for tip attachment or tip ejection, thus eliminating mechanical stress and improving the overall system reliability along with pipetting speed and dexterity.

Chain of Custody

The VANTAGE liquid handling workstation supports the chain of custody in every aspect of pipetting, labware handling and sample tracking, like barcode tracking, tip type detection, labware grip sensing, labware sensing, liquid level sensing, and sample tracking.

Liquid Level Detection

Hamilton offers both the traditional capacitive liquid level detection as well as pressure based liquid level detection. The software can use these functions to drive the pipette tip to just above the surface to do a jet dispense, touch the surface for a wet dispense, or dive below sufficiently to aspirate liquid without drawing in any air.

  • Capacitive liquid level detection. A weak electrical potential is created between the pipetting channel and the labware carrier.  When using conductive tips (black) and an ionic liquid, the capacitance of the circuit is measured.  From this data the software can determine the height of the liquid surface and take appropriate action.
  • Pressure liquid level detection. A pressure transducer inside the air displacement channel measures the pressure inside the barrel during pipetting.  The data from this sensor changes as the tip approaches the liquid surface, touches the surface and drives below.  This data can be used to control pipetting in real-time.  Pressure level sensing is the only way to determine the level of non-ionic liquids.

Anti-Droplet Control (ADC)

The combination of CO-RE technology and air displacement pipetting with pressure monitoring allows Hamilton to offer anti-droplet control (ADC).  Now you can pipette liquids with extremely low viscosity and high vapor pressure like acetone and methanol with ease and confidence knowing that there will be no loss of liquid and no contamination of other samples because of dripping tips.



Pipetting Options
  • Standard 1000 µL Channels
  • NanoPulse™ 1000 µL Channels
  • 96 Multi-Probe CO-RE Head
  • 384 Multi-Probe CO-RE Head
  • Disposable Tips
Labware Manipulation Tools
  • Internal Plate Gripper
Carriers & Accessories
  • MultiFlex Flexible Carriers
  • Standard Fixed Carriers
  • HEPA Filter Hood
  • 2D barcode reader
Integrated Third-Party Devices
  • Centrifuges
  • Coolers
  • Cryostats
  • Decappers
  • Dispensers
  • Dryers
  • Enclosures
  • Fume Hoods
  • Heaters
  • Hotels and Incubators
  • Nano-Pipettors
  • Readers
  • Sample Storage
  • Sealers
  • Shakers
  • Thermocyclers
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Vacuum Systems (SPE)
  • Washers
  • Tip attachment (CO-RE)
  • Tip Positioning system
  • Chain of Custody
  • Pressure liquid level detection
  • Capacitive liquid level detection
  • Monitored air displacement (MAD)
  • Anti-droplet control (ADC)


  • Simple graphical interface in a “lab person’s language” reduces time and complexity  of programming.
  • Dynamic scheduling organizes multiple assay runs in parallel, even from different users, on a single instrument and maximizes throughput.
  • Linking VANTAGE instruments in a network increases laboratory productivity.
  • Secure data storage in a single database maintains data integrity.
  • Complete sample traceability and flexible error recovery strategies provide the utmost process safety and control.


The VANTAGE Pipettor is the liquid handling module of the VANTAGE platform. Primary features include:

PIPETTING CHANNELS: You can choose between standard 1000 µL channels or NanoPulse™ 1000 µL channels for precise low volume pipetting from sub-microliter up to 1 milliliter within the same channel. The channels use Hamilton’s tip positioning system and each pipetting arm can be equipped with up to 16 pipetting channels (1000 μL) with 9 mm spacing.

MULTI-PROBE CO-RE HEADS: An optional Multi-Probe CO-RE Head may be added to the Pipetting Arm for multi-well plate applications. The following heads are available:
• 96 channel CO-RE head
• 384 channel CO-RE head

PIPETTING ARM: The pipetting arm moves the channels or Multi-Probe CO-RE Head in the X-direction. For higher throughput, you may place two arms on any 2.0 m platform or larger such that these arms work in parallel (e.g. while one arm is reserved for the pipetting tasks, the other arm can transfer plates onto the deck or to/from a peripheral device).

MAIN DOOR LOCK: To preserve maximal safety, the housing of the VANTAGE is equipped with sensors and door locks.

LOADING TRAY: During the loading process, the tray’s LED lights indicate the placement of carriers on the workspace.

ID LOADING DEVICE: To maintain the chain of custody, the ID Loading Device not only reads 1D and 2D Barcodes of carriers and samples, but also recognizes if a labware is located at its expected position. This gives the Scheduler additional freedom in optimizing the plan and offers you the convenience of a fully-tracked process.

INTERNAL PLATE GRIPPER: (optional): An optional Internal Plate Gripper may be added to the Pipetting Arm for additional on-deck transportation of labware.

Logistics Cabinet

The VANTAGE Logistics Cabinet is the below-deck integration space of the VANTAGE platform. It may be added to any Pipettor for the integration of third-party devices, Entry/Exits or waste . Primary features include:

ENTRY/EXIT : Each Entry/Exit can hold up to four magazines.  One standard magazine can hold stacked microtiter plates ornested tip racks per the specification.  The module also can be equipped with shelves for random access.  A barcode accessory on the Entry/Exit tracks all inventory.

CONFIGURABLE WASTE: Customizable solid and liquid waste options are easily accessible and allow you to separate waste according to contamination (biohazard) or waste type. All waste compartments contain sensors to monitor the fill state and notify the user whenever action is required.

AC BOX: The AC Box controls the power management of the instrument and all third party devices integrated.  Different sizes are available depending on the scale of the integration.

CABINET DOOR LOCK: To preserve maximal safety, the housing of the VANTAGE, including the Logistics Cabinet, is equipped with sensors and door locks.

Track Gripper

The Track Gripper is a transportation device of the VANTAGE.

This telescopic gripper can be added to the rear of any system containing a Pipettor and Logistics Cabinet and transports labware and consumables independently of the Pipetting Arm and Internal Plate Gripper. The Track Gripper uses smart collision control to maximize movement over the entire pipetting workspace as well as to and from third-party devices on, below and behind the workspace.

Rear Integration Cabinet

The VANTAGE Rear Integration Cabinet module is a full-height integration space. It may be added to any system containing a Pipettor, Logistics Cabinet and Track Gripper, and is for the integration of third-party devices, Entry/Exits or waste modules.

Module Integration

Unique Scalability

Do you want to get started in automation with a benchtop workstation and have the option of expanding your system if needed? The compact VANTAGE can be converted on-site to many custom sizes by adding extension modules.

The VANTAGE is available in two main platform sizes: 2.0 m and 1.3 m.

VANTAGE’s scalability can accommodate the widest possible range of throughputs and budgets.  Additional pipetting channels, a 96- or 384-probe head or an integrated robotic arm can be fitted to existing configurations. You can even add a second pipetting arm to work in parallel.

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