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Spin Columns and Gravity-flow Columns

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Different sizes and types of empty purification columns and filter spin columns for packing desalting resins, agarose beads or other affinity supports to use in microcentrifuge or gravity-flow chromatography procedures.

Empty spin columns (0.5 to 10mL) to fit microcentrifuge tubes and conical centrifuge tubes for packing agarose or other affinity purification resins.

Empty spin columns and cups (5 to 500 microliters) for small-scale affinity resin methods, such as immunoprecipitation assays with agarose beads.

Collection plates and centrifuge rotor balance plates for affinity purification or desalting resin protocols using 96-well filter spin microplates.

Empty drip columns (0.5 to 5 mL) with matching frits and caps for packing beaded affinity or desalting resins to use in gravity-flow purification techniques.


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