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SpeedSTAR DNA Polymerase

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SpeedSTAR HS DNA Polymerase is optimized for fast PCR. With an extension rate as fast as 10 sec/kb (compared to 60 sec/kb with standard Taq DNA polymerase), SpeedSTAR DNA polymerase dramatically reduces total reaction time. Fast PCR with SpeedSTAR can be performed using standard PCR machines, eliminating the requirement for special equipment.


With two optimized buffers, Fast Buffer I and II, SpeedSTAR DNA polymerase provides efficient amplification across a wide size range (up to 20 kb) with less optimization than other polymerases. In addition, the antibody-mediated hot-start formulation provides high specificity.

Technical Data:


  • Optimized for fast PCR: amplify a 2 kb fragment in as little as 30 minutes using a standard PCR machine
  • Excellent efficiency: robust performance, comparable to high yield polymerases
  • Optimized buffers allow amplification of fragments up to 20 kb


  • Fast PCR: reactions can be completed in two-thirds less time
  • Amplification of large DNA fragments



SpeedSTAR HS DNA Polymerase (5 units/µL) 50 µL
10X Fast Buffer I (Mg2+*) 1 mL
10X Fast Buffer II (Mg2+*) 1 mL
dNTP Mixture (ea. 2.5 mM) 800 µL

*Mg2+ Concentration: 10X Fast Buffer I, 30 mM; 10X Fast Buffer II, 20 mM


Nicking, endonuclease and exonuclease activities are not detected following incubation of 0.6 µg supercoiled pBR322, 0.6 µg lambda DNA or 0.6 µg lambda-Hind III digest with 10 units of SpeedSTAR DNA Polymerase for 1 hour at 74°C.



PCR Products

The majority of PCR products generated with SpeedSTAR DNA Polymerase will have 3′-A overhangs; therefore, amplification products can be directly cloned into T-vectors. It is also possible to clone amplification products into blunt-ended vectors following blunting and phosphorylation of product ends.

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