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Qualitative filter paper

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For general purpose filtrations

Qualitative filter papers are manufactured from the same raw materials as the ashless grades and are particularly suited for general laboratory filtrations. The average ash content is about 0.1%, the amount of a-cellulose is about 95%.


MN 617 we

Very fast filtration, for fast filtration of very coarse precitpitates.

MN 617
≡ No. 4

Fast filtration, for fast filtration of coarse precipitates.

MN 615
≡ No. 1

Medium fast filtration, general purpose filter paper many applications.

MN 616

Medium fast filtration, suitable for many applications.

MN 618
≡ No. 3

Thick filter paper, medium fast filtration, for large quantities of liquids

MN 616 md
≡ No. 2

Medium fast filtration, for example for magnesium-ammonium-phosphate and zinc sulfide.

MN 619

Slow filtration, for filtration of fine precipitates.

MN 619 eh
≡ No. 6

Slow filtration, for filtration of very fine precipitates.

MN 619 de
≡ No. 5

Very slow filtration for extremely fine precipitates.

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