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PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit

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The PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit is a two-step RT-PCR kit featuring PrimeScript RTase, an RNase H Minus reverse transcriptase enzyme that offers robust reverse transcription of virtually any RNA template. This RT-PCR kit is conveniently configured to include all reagents needed for two-step endpoint RT-PCR, including primers, PrimeScript RTase, and PCR polymerase enzyme. PrimeScript RTase is an MMLV Reverse Transcriptase and enables full-length cDNA synthesis from GC-rich and even highly structured RNA templates. Reverse transcription can be performed at 42°C, avoiding the risk of RNA degradation which may occur at higher temperatures. The PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit generates high yield full-length cDNAs of up to 12 kb in length.


This two-step RT-PCR kit also includes TaKaRa Ex Taq HS for efficient, sensitive and specific amplification of generated cDNA. The combination of PrimeScript with TaKaRa Ex Taq HS results in reliable, efficient and reproducible RT-PCR from a wide variety of RNA templates.

Technical Data:


  • RT-PCR kit includes all reagents needed for two-step endpoint RT-PCR (e.g., where products are analyzed using gel electrophoresis)
  • Robust reverse transcription and amplification even from challenging RNA templates
  • Complete elongation of complex RNA templates
  • High yield transcription of full-length cDNA up to 12 kb in length
  • Minimal false priming and robust amplification due to the combination of PrimeScript RTase with TaKaRa Ex Taq HS


  • Two-Step RT-PCR



PrimeScript RTase (for Two-Step RT-PCR) 25 µL
5X PrimeScript Buffer* 200 µL
RNase Inhibitor (40 U/µL) 25 µL
dNTP Mixture (10 mM each) 150 µL
Oligo dT Primer (2.5 µM) 50 µL
Random 6 mers (20 µM) 50 µL
TaKaRa Ex Taq HS (5 U/µL) 25 µL
10X PCR Buffer II* 250 µL
Control F-1 Primer** (20 µM) 10 µL
Control R-1 Primer*** (20 µM) 10 µL
Positive Control RNA (2 X 105 copies/µL) 20 µL
RNase Free dH2O 1 mL

* 50 reactions of [Reverse transcription (20 µL) –> PCR (50 µL)]
** Upstream sense primer for Positive Control RNA
*** Downstream anti-sense primer for Positive Control RNA



Choosing a PrimeScript Kit for Endpoint RT-PCR

If you want to…. Use this….
Prepare full-length cDNA using your own primers PrimeScript Reverse Transcriptase (Cat. # 2680A and 2680B)
Prepare full-length cDNA using a kit that includes primers PrimeScript First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (Cat. # 6110A and 6110B)
Perform 2-step RT-PCR with a kit that includes RTase, primers, and PCR enzyme PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit (Cat. # RR014A and RR014B)
Perform cDNA cloning studies with extremely high fidelity PrimeScript High Fidelity RT-PCR Kit (Cat. # R022A and R022B)
Perform 1-step PCR PrimeScript  One-Step RT-PCR Kit, Ver. 2 (Cat. # RR055A and RR055B)

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