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PolarCell is a platform for ultra-rapid, controlled cryopreservation and revival of stem cells

4titude®’s PolarCell is an insulation box for charging and transporting adapted cryoracks.
The cryoracks are charged with liquid nitrogen which is absorbed into a specialised foam insert. Tubes can then be placed into the rack, ensuring a close contact between tube and liquid nitrogen for extremely fast cooling (~25,000ºC/min.). Once charged, by saturation with liquid nitrogen, the racks can be safely handled and will remain at liquid nitrogen temperature for approximately 30 minutes without the lid, and 45 minutes with the lid.


Our PolarCell vitrification offers a unique way of freezing and thawing stem cells by using specially adapted cryoracks with memory foam inserts to enable ultra-rapid cooling of the cells.

Cells are mixed with cryoprotectant and transferred to the Cryorack for rapid freezing. PolarCell can be used with ease in a class 2 flow hood to maintain full sterility of cells during cryopreservation.

Once all the samples have been dispensed into the cryovials, the lid can be placed on the PolarCell for transportation to long-term cryo-storage.

This leads to a reduction of stress for the cells and an increased survival rate. Survival rates are typically less than 5% for pluripotent stem cells with standard slow freezing methods (Reubinoff et al 2001). Other stem cells are also fragile. With the PolarCell more than 80% cell survival allows for higher throughput and avoids stresses that can lead to differentiation or tumorigenesis of pluripotent cells.


PolarCell Graph

1ml cell suspension of human embryonic stem cells was frozen and thawed

Ultra-rapid freezing of stem cells is based on two approaches:

•  Rapid addition and dilution of a cryodiluent before and after  cryopreservation to avoid toxic effects of the chemicals on the cells.

•  Ultra-rapid freezing and thawing to minimise the generation of  intracellular ice crystals and membrane changes that cause cell death.



Technical Data:

4ti-0400 PolarCell start-up kit:
1 kit  PolarCell Box
1 x Cryorack with charging material
100 x 1.5ml Screw cap tubes with lids
1 x 10ml of Cryoprotectant

4ti-0410 Cryoboxes with charging foam material 5 boxes

4ti-0415 Screw cap tubes with lids 500 tubes and lids

4ti-0420 Cryoprotectant 10ml 1 x 10ml bottle


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