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NucleoSpin® 8 / 96 PCR Clean-up

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Clean-up of PCR products – flexible 8-well strip format for varying throughput and proven 96-well plate format for high troughput

  • Time-saving parallel clean-up of PCR products
  • Complete removal of primers and primer-dimers – optimal recovery
  • Suitable for processing under vacuum and centrifugation
  • Innovative MN Wash Plate minimizes risk of cross-contamination
  • Suitable for manual or automated use
  • NucleoSpin® 8/96 PCR Clean-up Core Kits:kits with basic content focused on automation platforms. Additional accessories can be combined as needed.


NucleoSpin® 8 PCR Clean-up
NucleoSpin® 8 PCR Clean-up Core Kit
NucleoSpin® 96 PCR  Clean-up
NucleoSpin® 96 PCR Clean-up Core Kit
Technology Silica-membrane technology
Format 8-well strips 96-well plates
Processing Manual or automated, vacuum or centrifugation
Sample material < 100 µL PCR reaction mixture
Fragment size 50 bp–10 kbp 50 bp–10 kbp
Typical recovery 75–95 % 75–95 %
A260/A280 1.7–1.8 1.7–1.8
Elution volume 75–150 µL 75–150 µL
Preparation time 30 min/6 strips 45 min/plate
Binding capacity 15 µg 15 µg

Technical Data:

Principle / Procedure
The NucleoSpin® 8 / 96 PCR Clean-up kits combine an improved MACHEREY-NAGEL buffer chemistry with the design of the 8-well strips and 96-well plates and allow the direct purification of PCR products using vacuum manifolds and benchtop centrifuges. The kits allow the rapid clean-up of up to 15 μg of DNA (100 bp–10 kbp) per preparation with high DNA recovery and reproducible yields. After purification with NucleoSpin® 8 / 96 PCR Clean-up the highly pure PCR products are ready for immediate use in many applications, such as radioactive and fluorescent dye sequencing, including capillary sequencing, restriction analysis, ligation, and microarray analysis. NucleoSpin® PCR Clean-up Binding Strips/Plates can be used under vacuum or by centrifugation.
The NucleoSpin® 8 / 96 PCR Clean-up kit uses advanced silica-membrane technology. The addition of a binding buffer containing chaotropic ions leads to a reversible adsorption of DNA to the NucleoSpin® 8 / 96 PCR Clean-up silica membrane. PCR products bind to the silica membrane under optimized conditions, while contaminants like primers, salts, nucleotides, and proteins are completely removed by effective washing. Highly pure PCR products are eluted with low-salt elution buffer (5 mM Tris/HCl pH 8.5) or water (pH 8.0–8.5) and are ready-to-use directly for subsequent applications.

Required hardware

For centrifuge processing of NucleoSpin® 8 / 96 PCR Clean-up kits a microtiterplate centrifuge is required which is able to accommodate the NucleoSpin® PCR Clean-up Strips/Plate stacked on a Round- or Square-well Block or Rack of Tube Strips and reaches accelerations of 5,600–6,000 x g (bucket height: 85 mm). For further information on suitable centrifuges please contact our Technical Service.
For centrifuge processing of the 8-well Strips the reusable Starter Set C, containing Column Holders C, NucleoSpin®Dummy Strips, MN Square-well Blocks, Rack of Tube Strips is required.

Vacuum processing
The NucleoSpin® 8 / 96 PCR Clean-up kits can be used manually with the NucleoVac 96 vacuum manifold.
For vacuum processing of the 8-well Strips the reusable Starter Set A, containing Column Holders A and NucleoSpin®Dummy Strips is required. For automation on laboratory platforms with standard 96-well plate vacuum chambers the use of the Starter Set A is also required.

Consumables to be supplied by user

NucleoSpin® 96 PCR Clean-up – centrifuge processing: Collecting/Waste Plates (e.g., MN Square-well Block), Elution Tubes/Plates (e.g., Round-well Block low, Rack of Tube Strips, Round-well Blocks).

NucleoSpin® 8 / 96 PCR Clean-up procedure


Application data
NucleoSpin® 96 PCR Clean-up allows extraordinary high recovery rates even for fragment sizes less than 100 bp
Yield of DNA fragments before (u) and DNA recovery after purification with NucleoSpin® Multi-96 Extract (a) or NucleoSpin® 96 PCR Clean-up (b). Samples of 25 μL were purified and analyzed on a 1% TAE agarose gel.
Using the improved NucleoSpin® 96 PCR Clean-up high recovery is obtained even for very small fragments
Recovery rates of different DNA fragments purified
with NucleoSpin® 96 PCR Clean-up

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