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NUCLEODUR® high purity silica phases for HPLC



Macherey-Nagel are world famous for their Nucleodur and Nucleosil materials yet also offer a wide range of other HPLC Columns and Accessories to meet all of you HPLC requirements.

  • Key features of MN HPLC products are highly pure and selective media ensuring increased separation efficiency and selectivity
  • innovative bonding chemistries allowing special separations and many particle sizes to conform with the scale of the separation you require.



NUCLEOSIL® is a family of totally porous spherical silicas with a very pure and uniform SiO2 structure 

Wide acceptanRem-Nucleosilce as routine packings for very different fields of chromatography


One of the first spherical silicas used in HPLC


Developed in the early seventies, it became a world-renowned HPLC packing


Still found in many analytical and preparative applications


An absolutely reliable choice in HPLC


The largest variety of modified HPLC silicas available



Summary of available NUCLEOSIL® phases

Phase Modification Formula
RP phases
NUCLEOSIL® C18 medium density octadecyl, endcapped -(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C18 AB crosslinked octadecyl, endcapped, high steric selectivity -(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C18 HD high density octadecyl, endcapped -(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C18 Nautilus hydrophilic octadecyl, embedded polar group, endcapped -(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® Protect I special RP phase with protective polar group, endcapped
NUCLEOSIL® C8 ec medium density octyl, endcapped -(CH2)7-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C8 standard octyl, not endcapped -(CH2)7-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C8 HD high density octyl, endcapped -(CH2)7-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C4 medium density butyl, endcapped -(CH2)3-CH3
NUCLEOSIL® C2 dimethyl -(CH3)2
NUCLEOSIL® C6H5 standard phenyl, not endcapped -(CH2)3-C6H5
Polar phases
NUCLEOSIL® CN cyanopropyl (nitrile) -(CH2)3-CN
NUCLEOSIL® OH diol (dihydroxypropyl) -(CH2)3-O-CH2-CH(OH)-CH2OH
NUCLEOSIL® NH2 aminopropyl -(CH2)3-NH2
NUCLEOSIL® N(CH3)2 dimethylamino -(CH2)3-N(CH3)2
NUCLEOSIL® SA benzenesulfonic acid, strongly acidic cation exchanger (SCX) -(CH2)3-C6H4-SO3Na
NUCLEOSIL® SB quaternary ammonium groups, strongly basic anion exchanger (SAX) -(CH2)3-C6H4-CH2-N+(CH3)3Cl
NUCLEOSIL® SiOH unmodified (SiO2)n

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