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Microlab STAR M Liquid Handling Workstations

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** NEW **

Reinventing the revolutionary automated liquid handling system.
  • More functionality
  • More usability
  • More safety

More functionality
  • Modular Arm MPH

Expand your system.

The new STAR M makes it easy to adapt to future demands – you don’t have to decide when you start automating, the STAR M comes standard with the “arm MPH” that allows adding multi-probe heads and other tools at any time.

  • Expansion options

  • Multi-probe head 96 TADM

Ultimate process safety with a volume range of 1 – 1000µl; two channel capacitance Liquid Level Detection (LLD); 96 individual pressure sensors; MAD – monitored air displacement; TADM.


  • High throughput 2D barcode

Allows for correct loading checks and sample identification on load.

More usability


  • Enhanced error recovery
    • Easy customisation of error handling
    • Easy-to-use graphical user interface (for insufficient liquid errors, missing samples and similar cases)
  • Enhanced pipetting patterns
    • Simply add different sources or targets within the pipetting step (making additional programming steps unnecessary)
    • Using this “Merge Sequence” streamlines the process and removes potential error sources
  • More deck space
    • VENUS 4.5 provides optimal use of deck space, allowing placement of carriers in the “minus” (left of Track 1) area.
    • Functional carriers like the ODTC (On-Deck Thermal Cycler), that cannot make use of the Autoload feature can be placed here, making more room for carriers on the deck.
  • More security
    • With the TADM performance check, users can verify the proper function of all pipetting channels directly from within the VENUS software – no need for additional soft- or hardware.


Dynamic Scheduler

  • More throughput
    • VENUS Dynamic Scheduler is standard
    • Users can optimise their assays and the system dynamically makes use of free tools to prepare the next samples: for e.g., while the first batch is incubating on a heater/cooler, the pipetting channels can already prepare the next batch of samples.
    • The system automatically makes optimal use of all resources and dynamically adapts to reduced or prolonged steps.


Dynamic Liquid Classification

  • More liquid handling
    • The new “DLC” was designed to allow the STAR-M to classify liquids based on their physical properties.
    • Not only does this save time when handling unknown liquids, it also improves pipetting precision and accuracy of those unknown liquids.

More safety
  • Total aspiration and dispense monitoring
  • The perpetual condition monitoring system
    • Increased system uptime through proactive intervention
    • No workflow interruption
    • Pre-planned service visits
    • Faster service reaction time







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