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MassSTAR for LCMS Sample Prep

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The MassSTAR is the first CE-IVD compliant system for sample preparation using Chromsystems’ MassTox Immunosuppressant and MassSTAR vitamin D2/D3 kits. It combines Chromsystems’ prestigious kit chemistry for LC-MS sample preparation with Hamilton’s superior automated liquid handling technology to offer you complete automation in one integrated system.

The dedicated software not only offers optimized protocols but guides the user through the operation of the system thus making it very easy to use. Automatically generated input files for LC-MS systems allow for direct input of the processed samples without any tedious reformatting of data required. The system closely monitors all pipetting and transport actions, thus guaranteeing integrity of sample processing. In addition, the generated report files enable full audit trails.

  • CE-IVD certified automation solution
    Certified complete automated workflow sample preparation for LC-MS/MS for vitamin D and immunosuppressants
  • Easy to use
    User guided through operation by convenient dialogues
  • Full audit trail
    Tracking operator and all sample manipulation steps



  • Established chemistry from Chromsystems
  • “Ready to Start” verified protocols for Chromsystems MassTox® Immunosuppressant and MassChrom® Vitamin D2/D3 kits
  • Integrated centrifuge for increased process control
  • Automated report file generation for LIMS and LC-MS/MS
  • Capacity up to 288 samples incl. controls and calibrators fit on deck
  • Throughput ~90 min for 96 immun. samples, ~50 min for 96 vit. D samples



The MassSTAR consists of a Microlab STARlet IVD liquid handling platform with Autoload and 4 1ML channels with a centrifuge integrated on the right side of the instrument. Both parts are enclosed in a single housing. The software is driven by an intuitive user interface easily guiding the user through the start of the methods.

There are two methods available, one for immunosuppressant analysis based on Chromsystems’ MassTox immunosuppressant kit, and the second one for vitamin D analysis based onChromsystems’ MassChrom Vitamin D2/D3 kit. Both methods have been verified according to CE-IVD standards.

The methods are optimized for the special requirements of the applications. For example, for immunosuppresant analysis, a special, highly efficient mixing procedure has been developed for mixing whole blood directly before pipetting. This ensures homogenous distribution of all blood components in the sample and prevents settling of certain fractions.

Total Aspiration and Dispense Control (TADM) is used to monitor the pipetting process itself. TADM allows the recognition of irregularities during pipetting, e. g. caused blood clots and triggers automated repetition of the step. If by extended mixing blood clots are still detectable, the sample will be excluded.

Besides pipetting, all other actions are monitored and traced during processing. At the beginning of each run, the liquid level of all reagents required and the presence off all plates is checked. After each transport step, the presence of each plate is checked as well, thus verifying that the transport has been executed successfully.

Technical Data:

  • MassSTAR
    The MassSTAR consists of a MicrolabSTARlet IVD liquid handling platform with Autoload and 4 1ML channels with a centrifuge integrated on the right side of the instrument. It comprises an operational computer with Vector 4.3 IVD as well as one method upgrade kit either for immunosuppressants or vitamin D and all dedicated carriers.
  • MassSTAR Biotech version
    The MassSTAR Biotech version is an open non-IVD system consisting basically of the same hardware as the MassSTAR robot without application specific methods or carrier. The computer comes with the operational software Venus Three.

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