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Immunoprecipitation and Pull-Down Kits

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Immunoprecipitation Kits (IP Kits)

IP kits for traditional and specialized immunoprecipitation (IP) and co-immunoprecipitation (co-IP) experiments; spin columns enable fast, efficient processing, and innovations allow covalent attachment of antibody to produce cleaner results.

Tag-Based IP and Pull-Down Kits

Immunoprecipitation and pull-down kits that contain beaded agarose resins and immobilized antibodies or ligands to bind and purify interaction complexes involving biotin or affinity-tagged fusion proteins, including GST, His, c-Myc and HA.

Quantitative Protein Interaction Reagents and Kits

Vectors, reagents and luciferase assay kits for quantitative immunoprecipitation (qIP) using expressed pairs of epitope-tagged and Tluc-tagged proteins.

Chromatin IP Assay Reagents and Kits

Complete kits and supporting reagents for chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments (also called chromatin IP assays or ChIP assays) designed to purify, identify and assess protein-DNA interactions for downstream quantitative PCR.

Enzyme Active-Site Probes and Enrichment Kits

Active Site Probes are chemical probes that covalently bind to the active sites of specific enzyme classes and can be used to selectively enrich, identify and profile those enzymes.


Several varieties of immunoprecipitation (IP), co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) and pull-down assay kits optimized for different sources and types of antibody or other protein affinity systems such as biotinylated and epitope-tagged proteins.

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