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The GenePix® 4100A Microarray Scanner from Molecular Devices has all the quality, sensitivity, reliability and ease-of use of more expensive scanners, but in a price range and bench top footprint that makes it ideal for individual lab use.Simplicity, reliability and flexibility that you require for your microarray-based research, be it in genomics, proteomics, or novel applications.

High-Resolution Acquisition, Automated  PMT Balancing


Affordable, high-quality imaging for two-color microarrays

This scanner acquires data at  user-selectable resolutions between 5–100 microns, allowing optimization of image resolution and file size for each experiment and alleviates time-consuming and confusing  hardware setup by automatically choosing photomultiplier gain values, for fast and easy optimization of signal intensity and channel balance.

Dynamic Laser Power Monitoring

High-quality lasers, coupled with exclusive intensity correction circuitry, guarantee that all pixels in the image have equal effective exposure. Correction for minor fluctuations, inherent to all lasers, offers yet another contribution to maximum signal-tonoise ratio. All of these features ensure high data reproducibility, preventing costly experimental reruns.
4100_02 4100_05 4100_08

Flexible Filters

Non-Confocal Optics

Integrated Software

The GenePix 4100A Microarray Scanner features an
8-position emission filter wheel. Two standard filters are
included, with additional filter options available
The non-confocal optical path in GenePix 4100A Scanners is
designed specifically for microarrays.Confocal imaging is primarily beneficial for rejecting out-of plane background when scanning a thick sample.
The GenePix 4100A Scanner is closely integrated with
GenePix Pro Software, which is used both for scanner
control and image analysis.

Integrated Hardware and Software

The GenePix 4100A Microarray Scanner and GenePix Pro Microarray Analysis Software have been designed to work together as a complete integrated platform.

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