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GenePix 4000B

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The GenePix® 4000B Microarray Scanner is a benchmark for quality, reliability and ease-of-use in microarray scanning technology. Coupled with GenePix® ProMicroarray Image Analysis Software and Acuity® Microarray Informatics Software, the GenePix System sets the highest standards in the acquisition and analysis of data from all types of arrays, including nucleic acids, proteins, tissues, and cells.

Fast, high-quality imaging for two-color micro arrays.

Simultaneous Dual-Laser Scanning
4100b_imag The GenePix 4000B Scanner acquires data at user-selectable resolutions between 5–100 microns, allowing optimization of image resolution and file size for each experiment.

  • Reliable Results.
    The performance calibration standards that come with your GenePix 4000B Microarray Scanner allow you to check the performance when you receive your scanner and at any time in the future. GenePix® Pro Acquisition and Analysis Software includes one-touch calibration to restore any GenePix scanner to benchmark performance. You can rest assured knowing the signals you generate today are the same as a couple of years ago and in the future.

Dynamic Laser Power Monitoring

Unlike most commercially available array scanners, the GenePix 4000B Scanner acquires data at two wavelengths simultaneously. Simultaneous image acquisition reduces scan times dramatically (6.5 minutes for a full scan at 10 μm resolution in both channels, and much less for smaller scan
areas), increasing laboratory efficiency. Apart from superior speed, simultaneous scanning
also provides real-time access to ratiometric data for instant assessment of image quality during
acquisition. Using this high-performance design ensures precision alignment for accurate ratiometric.
4100_08 4100_09 4100b_10

Accurate Ratio Alignment

Superior Resolution

Uniformity -Proven
and Tested for Data Reliability

The GenePix 4000B Scanner is precision engineered for
accurate ratio alignment.Ratio image (far left) and
single red and green channel images of a hybridized
cDNA arrayed spot scanned on a GenePix 4000B at 5 μm
resolution.Spot diameter = 150 μm.
An image of the resolution standard scanned on the
GenePix 4000B Scanner.Each short bar is 5 μm wide, separated by 20 μm spacing.
The GenePix 4000B Scanner offers proven repeatability, scan
after scan.A non-bleaching fluorescent test standard was scanned repeatedly and the average signal was quantified.Signal value variance among all scans was 1.6% in the green
channel and 2.1% in the red channel. Error bars cover two SD from the mean of the four measurements at each time point.
Integrated Hardware and Software
The GenePix 4000B Microarray Scanner and GenePix Pro Microarray Analysis Software
have been designed to work together as a complete integrated platform

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