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Gas Purifiers

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CRS provides gas purifiers to meet all laboratory needs.

Individual cartridge systems are designed for specific contaminant removal, such as oxygen purifiers, moisture purifiers and hydrocarbon purifiers.

The AFS Purifier I has a high capacity and efficiency in a single cartridge, with two visible indicators for oxygen and water. New to the line is the AFS Purifier II which has a high capcacity and efficiency in a single cartridge, with one indicator for mositure.

Also available is a line of ZPure™ Purifiers in both stainless steel body and glass.

Gas purifiers:

Both AFS Purifier I and AFS Purifier II have a very high capacity and can be expected to supply four GC’s for at least one year when used with 99.995% pure gas supplies (provided reasonable care is taken during tank changes).

AFS Purifier I removes oxygen, mositure and hyrdocarbons, (greater than C4) from inert gases and hyrdogen. It contains high-sensitivity oxygen and moisture indicator.

AFS Purifier II removes moisture and hyrdocarbons, (greatere than C4) from pure air, hydrogen and inert gas. It contains a high-sensitivity moisture indicator.


CRS’s inline purifiers are a compact design which fits many existing installations. They are designed to reduce contaminates to low-ppb levels and also have a dual seal design for added safety to protect against leaks. The stainless steel bodies have 10 micron stainless steel frits at both ends to protect against dust. The glass bodies have a dual seal design, so the glass inner tube is protected by a sealed outer plastic tube. So even if the glass tubes fails, the gas system is fully protected against leaks

Available with brass or stainless steel compression fittins. 200psi maximum pressure. 1 L/min per min. recommended flow rate.


  • Oxygen purifiers

Oxygen is a leading cause of stationary phase degradation, which appears in chromatograpms as bleed. The indicating material is a proprietary inorganic which turns from bright green to gray in the presence or oxygen. CRS oxygen purifiers are intended for use with the common non-oxidizing gases (He, H2, N2, Ar, CH4), and regeneration service is available.

CRS Manufactures the following hydocarbon purifiers:
Model 1000 Oxygen Purifier is a high capacity purifier for long term protection

ZPure™ Glass Indicating Oxygen Purifier is a compact indicating purifier for high-efficiency oxygen removal

ZPure Oxygen Purifier is an ultra-high capacity purifier for oxygen removal in a small, high performance package


  • Moisture purifiers

Moisture purifiers, which removes moisture, is recommended for detector support gases and carrier gases. High purity moisture removal purifiers contain molecular sieve for highly-efficient drying.

CRS Manufactures the following moisture purifiers:
Model 500 Moisture Purifier which contains molecular sieve 5A for high-efficiency drying

ZPure™ Glass High Sensitivity Moisture Purifier with abosrbing materials, HSMI™ and Molecular Sieve 5A

ZPure Glass Moisture Purifier with absorbing materials, Molecular sieve 5A and cobalt-free CoFree­™ indicator

ZPure H2O Purifier removes water from inert gases, air or hydrogen

ZPure XL H2O Purifier which is a extra-large capacity purifier


  • Hydrocarbon purifiers

Hydrocarbon purifiers remove all hydrocarbons at room temperature except methane. Purifiers are filled with activated charcoal for highly-efficient removal.

CRS Manufactures the following hydocarbon purifiers:
Model 300 High Pressure Hydrocarbon Purifier, which is a high-pressure metal cylinder filled with 500 cc of activated charcoal.

ZPure™ HC Purifier which removes C5 weight and heavier hydrocarbons from inert gases, air or hydrogen.

ZPure XL HC Purifier which is an extra-large capacity purifier


  • Moisture / Dust purifiers

The Big Purifier can also be used to purify hydrogen in flame ionization detectors. Maximum pressure is 100 psig. It has a 400 cc total volume of indicating Drierite® and molecular sieve 5A in a clear acrylic tube. The Drierite® changes from blue to pink at 5% relative humidity to warn of leaks in the gas stream. Our unique O-ring design allows hand-removal of the cartridge without disconnecting the fittings from the line, while a plastic insert at each end keeps the packing from spilling. 1/8” fittings. Dimensions 2-1/4” x 17” including fittings.

The Gas Dry Purifier is a moisture and dust filter suitable for drying laboratory air or central air supplies. It has a high-strength polycarbonate body with aluminum endcaps and standard brass compression fittings. The filter is filled with molecular sieve and a silica-gel based moisture indicator that changes color in the presence of water.

** Gas Dry Purifiers are not recommended for Hydrogen use.**

Warning: 1) Moisture and dust filter only. Not for critical applications. 2) Use with non-hazardous gasses only. 3) Not for outside use.



  • Carbon dioxide traps

CRS Carbon Dioxide Traps remove carbon dioxide from the gas stream. Trace levels of CO2 (50 ppm or less) are removed from the gas stream in a reaction with highly dispersed NaOH on silicate support. The reaction product is water, which remains adsorbed in the trap. However, when downstream water is of very high concern, it is recommended to use a second purifier in line as a safety measure. Not recommended for GC uses.


At CRS,  individual cartridge systems are designed for specific contaminant removal, such as our oxygen traps, moisture traps and hydrocarbon traps. We have an All-In-One Gas Purification System, a one cartridge design to remove oxygen, water, and non-methane hydrocarbons.

Our Advanced Filter System has a high capacity and efficiency in a single cartridge, with two visible indicators for oxygen and water. We also carry a line of ZPure Purifiers that are compact in design to fit many existing installations that use small aluminum filters. We offer a regeneration service for our filters, please contact us for more information.

Technical Data:

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