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Replaces the need for water-cooled condensers in over 95% of all common chemistry applications.



Findenser is a super air condenser that uses a finned aluminium jacket to provide excellent heat transfer, removing the need for water cooling.


What are the benefits?

  • No risk of flooding from running water
  • Eliminate water purchase and disposal costs
  • For solvent volumes from 5ml up to 1 litre
  • Helps meet sustainable water reduction targets

No risk of flooding

The potential for major leaks and flooding is a risk with any constantly running water supply. The implications can be both costly (flood damage) and with the presence of electrical equipment, a major safety hazard.

How much water is your lab wasting?

A survey of 53 chemists at one leading research site showed that they were using over 10 million litres of water per year on cooling water condensers.

Compared with a single water condenser, running for just 4 hours a day, Findenser will give you a return on your investment in less than one year.

Technical Data:





How does Findenser work?


  • Findenser comprises of an internal glass condenser and an external, finned aluminium jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed.
  • The glass condenser is designed to have a greater internal surface area than traditional condensers, giving it increased heat transfer capacity.
  • The finned jacket fits around the glass condenser, further increasing the external surface area.
  • The result is a ‘super air condenser’ that performs as well as a traditional water condenser.



How does it work?


Water consumption


Technical Specifications

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