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Benchtop Cooling Workstations

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CoolBox, CoolRack and CoolCell LX:  Ice-free cooling and freezing systems


  • Benchtop cooling workstations that provide sample cooling or freezing without ice, electricity or batteries.
  • CoolBox XT system can be used with either tubes and plates.
  • Ideal for cooling cryoprotectants and thawing.
  • Suitable for use in hoods and cGMP areas.
  • Use with internal cooling core to provide cooling of samples for up to 16 hours at 0 to 4°C with lid closed, (or up to 10 hours with lid open).
  • The CoolBox XT system is capable of keeping samples below 0°C for up to 5 hours, with lid open.
  • Can be used with dry ice to create a compact, portable, snap-freezing workstation for bacteria, virus or proteins.

CoolBox Internal


The cartridge/core is pre-frozen at -20°C.

Each CoolBox is designed to receive thermo-conductive sample modules that sit directly on the cartridge/core keeping samples at desired temperature for hours.

Temperature indicator for visual assurance of proper temperature.

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