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Carousel 6 Plus

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Parallel synthesiser that simultaneously heats, cools, stirs and refluxes multiple samples under an inert atmosphere.

Accepts round-bottom flasks from 5 to 250ml.



  • Powerful, even magnetic stirring – fits
    on to a Carousel stirring hotplate.
  • Rapid and controlled heating to 180°C.
  • Efficient water cooled reflux head.
  • Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere.
  • Quick to set-up, easy to use
    and maintenance free.
  • Wide range of vessel sizes from 5ml
    to 250ml.
  • Interchangeable flask formats; sidearms, baffles, wide neck and azeotropic.


Technical Data:

Rapid Heating & Efficient Refluxing…

  • Circular, solid aluminium base transmits heat rapidly and evenly to all positions.
  • Boils six flasks of water in less than
    25 minutes.
  • Digital temperature controller gives accurate temperature control of either the block or solution to within +/- 0.5°C.
  • PTFE heat protection ring helps protect user from accidental contact with hot aluminium base.
  • Removable aluminium inserts in Reflux Head allow easy removal of flasks, yet maintain good heat transfer for refluxing. Built in spring clip retains flasks once aluminium insert is removed.
  • Acetal quick-release valved couplings
    on the side of reflux head allow disconnection of cooling water without loss of water.
  • Acetal quick-release coupling on top of the reflux head facilitates supply of inert gas or vacuum.

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