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Carousel 12 Plus

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Parallel synthesis station for solution phase chemistry and solid supported reagent-based synthesis.

Simultaneously heats, cools, stors and refluxes multiple samples under an inert atmosphere.


Rapid, efficient heating…
Using the Carousel Stirring Hotplate, the Carousel will simultaneously heat up to 12 reactions from ambient to 180°C (220°C for shorter periods) with an accuracy of ± 0.1. Control your reactions by block or solution temperature. Either insert the temperature probe into the block or through the Suba-Seal in the cap, directly into the reaction mixture.

Powerful, even stirring…
The Carousel’s patented design ensures powerful and equal stirring at all 12 positions. By placing magnetic stirrer bars equidistant from the stirring hotplate’s centrally located rotating magnet we ensure all positions stir at the same speed.

Efficient refluxing…
The Carousel has an integral water cooled reflux/inerting head that provides efficient cooling to all tubes minimising solvent evaporation and loss.

Convenient radial gas distribution…
A radial gas distribution system in the Carousel reflux/inerting head provides an inert atmosphere for up to 12 tubes. Individual gas tight fluoropolymer Easy-On caps screw directly onto each reaction tube and combine with the radial gas distribution system to provide an inert atmosphere to every tube.

Carousel 12 family

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