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Bioanalytical STARlet

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The Hamilton Bioanlytical STARlet is a unique automated solution of sample preparation for mass spectrometry for therapeutic drug monitoring and diagnostic routine. It is the only system supporting single sample processing in resealable Flip Tubes and direct LC MS injection with disposable tips to avoid carry over.

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Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is generally defined as the measurement and subsequent medical interpretation of chemical parameters in blood, with direct influence on drug prescribing procedures. TDM’s main focus is on drugs with a narrow therapeutic range, which can easily be under- or overdosed.

There are numerous variables that influence the interpretation of drug concentration data: time, route and dose of drug given, time of blood sampling, handling and storage conditions, precision and accuracy of the analytical method, co-medications and clinical status of the patient.

Many different professionals, from physicians to clinical pharmacists to nurses, are involved in this multidisciplinary process. Failure to properly carry out any one of the steps required, can severely affect the usefulness of using drug concentrations to optimise therapy.

To address this major concern, Hamilton has developed a workstation which fits easily in clinical laboratories, and minimises human interaction in the analysis of blood, serum or plasma samples.  Based on their Flip Tube Technology which allows opening and closing of tubes as well as single tube transport, the Bioanalytical STARlet workstation combines automatic preparation of the calibration curve with up to 12 free selectable calibration points, the QC curve and the samples. Single sample processing avoids lengthy queue time, which therefore prevents further degradation of the analyte during the sample preparation procedures. It also allows the clinical laboratory to run more parameter tests without needing to collect more samples.

This workstation not only prepares samples but is also capable of controlling an LC-MS system such that, during an LC-MS run, the next sample will be prepared for injection; after injection the workstation then automatically restarts the LC-MS for the next analysis.


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