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AB SCIEX helps to improve the world we live in by enabling scientists and laboratory analysts to push the limits in their field and address the complex analytical challenges they face.
The company’s global leadership and world-class service & support in the mass spectrometry industry have made it a trusted partner to thousands of the scientists and lab analysts worldwide who are focused on basic research, drug discovery & development, food & environmental testing, forensics and clinical research.
Our broad portfolio of scientific analytical tools include innovative instrument systems, intuitive software, pre-packaged methods and chemistry reagents — all of which are part of workflows that reduce complexity and accelerate results. These tools apply mass spectrometry technologies to enable scientists to conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis across a wide range of applications.





Mass Spectrometry Products

  • TripleTOF Systems: Mass spectrometry systems that uniquely integrate comprehensive qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation workflows on a single platform
  • QTRAP Systems: Mass spectrometers designed for metabolite identification, detection and confirmation of pesticides, and
    protein/peptide quantitation for biomarker verification and validation
  • Triple Quad SystemsToday’s most sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometers. Get sensitivity and robustness for even the most complex matrices.
  • TOF/TOF SystemsThese offer unmatched speed and sensitivity. They are the ideal platform for biomarker discovery, MALDI mass spectrometry imaging, and protein identification.