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Applikon Biotechnology is a world leader in developing and supplying advanced bioreactor systems from laboratory to production scale.



1.Mini Bioreactors

The Mini Bio range of Bioreactors (250ml, 500ml, 1000 ml total volume) is a true scale down of the laboratory scale bioreactors in the 1 to 1.5 litre range.The Mini Bio systems have the same flexibility as the laboratory scale bioreactors. This means that the MiniBio systems can be customized to fit the demands of any process.

2.Control Systems

Three controllers are available to your requirements:

  • my-Control for mini bioreactors and maximum performance.
  • Ez-Control for lab scale operation. Simple to operate and intuitive. Utilizes adaptive control for quick set up.
  • i-Control for pilot scale and production scale operation. The ultimate in control allowing a large number of inputs and outputs, synoptic displays, trending screens, alarms and much more based on industrial fieldbus and a choice of PLC platforms.

3. Steam in place systems

The concept of modularity (using standard modules to customize the layout of the bioreactor) has been extended to the stainless steel pilot plant bioreactors and fermentors.

The vessels are cGMP and comply with different pressure codes throughout the world. The systems are fully documented and delivered with all necessary documentation to support easy validation.

4. BioXpert Software

BioXpert is a software tool to control bio-processes and to store the process data, The software is designed specifically for biotech researches and operators in the production environment. The logical structure of the program and the user-friendly interface allows the program to be used by anyone.


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