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Company Profile

Our Vision

The Separations Vision lies in making South African Scientists and Laboratory Technicians more successful by:

  • Supplying Spectacular Products
  • Providing Spectacular Technical Support
  • Delivering Spectacular Commercial Services



Our Mission

To create raving fan customers, who delight in the fact that they can rely on receiving, the finest products science has to offer; with support and commercial services that are unparalleled in the market, for speed, efficiency, knowledge and kindness.



Our Values

We believe in great and mutually beneficial relationships between Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Shareholders.

This requires the highest standards of ethics, which for us are:

  • Honesty
  • Responsiveness
  • Reliability
  • Empathy



Corporate Culture

We are committed to develop the full potential of all corporate team players and pledge to respect their rights to success and self esteem. Our conduct will always be guided by these principles:

  • Everyone’s work in our organization is worthwhile! We aim to motivate and explain why everyone working for Separations is a positive contributor to the organization as well as to our society as a whole.
  • Every individual is in control of achieving their goals! Through training and sharing of responsibilities Separations creates an environment, in which each individual has all the tools and training to fully achieve and exceed their goals.
  • We work as a team and motivate each other! All team players cheer each other on and compliment sincere efforts, thus motivating each other to reach our worthy mutual goals.

Directors and Managers work for their teams to achieve great results together and grow the rewards for all employees and stake holders in an enthusiastic environment.